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We have online driver ed courses that meet the driver education requirements in the California Vehicle Code for students to get a California DMV learners permit and California drivers license. Our driver education classes are accepted by the California DMV. Designed for all high school students in California.

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Driver ed online for DMV

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Most high school students spend over 30 hours each week in a classroom.

The California DMV requires you to spend 30 hours studying Driver Education before you can obtain a California Learners Permit.

Do you really want to have to wait until your high school finally offers Driver Ed or have spend an extra 30 hours in a classroom on nights or weekends to take driver education in a local driving school?

Our online drivers education courses let you study at home at your own pace, on your schedule, any time of the day or night.

We have an online course that you can complete on your home computer. The computer scores your exams and your DMV Certificate of Completion will be mailed out the next business day. The system is designed to work well with PC's and Mac's and with any internet connection speed. No special plug-ins are needed.

We also offer a workbook course. Many students choose it if they have limited computer time at home or a very slow dial up connection. The study materials are mailed to you by USPS Priority Mail. You can complete our course as quickly as you can read the class materials and fill out the worksheets. Your parent or guardian can supervise you while you take the final test. Most students pass the exam the first time. We want you to pass! We will correct your final exam and review your worksheets within one business day of receiving your completed materials. Your DMV Certificate of Completion will be mailed out the same day.

If you are concerned about giving out your credit card information online, we accept PayPal or you may also register by mail and send us a check.

After you complete our course (or any other driver education course) you will have to pass the DMV written exam at your local DMV office to obtain your learners permit. We want you to pass! We do everything we can to prepare you for the DMV exam.

We are a year around private high school located in Sacramento and are open Monday through Friday all year long (except for major holidays). You can begin studying immediately.

We have had students from every major high school in California enroll in our course because we can offer it today while your local high school may make you wait until next semester.

Note to Parents: We encourage you to take an active part in your child's drivers ed course. Talk about driving laws, traffic signs and traffic safety while they are riding in the car with you. Give them real world examples of what they are reading about. Check over their worksheets and point out any mistakes. The more they learn now, the safer they will be when they start driving.

We truly believe that driver education is the most important class your child will ever take. You can make a difference in what they learn and how well they learn it. The the experts will tell you that the biggest advantage of home study driver education is that you can be involved and help them learn. It will also help when they take get their learners permit and take driver training.

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This Driver Education Course is Accepted by the California DMV

    DMV Acceptance Letter

Sample DMV Driver Education Certificate of Completion

"Cal-Driver-Ed is a pioneer in the field of online driver education. Over 40,000 California teenagers have taken their courses and are driving today."

"I recommend Cal-Driver-Ed for home study driver education."

"Home-study students performed just as well or better than classroom students ... "

"Home-study courses may also have the additional benefit of increasing parental involvement in their teen's learning process, which has been shown to be an important factor ..."

excerpts from a recent California DMV Study on the Effectiveness of Home-Study Driver Education dated April 2003:

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